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Large Format Scanning

Innovative Bytes

Our philosophy at Warren Associates begins with the idea of thinking big. Not only do we think big, we scan big, too!

Blueprint images, newspapers, artwork, aged maps, and other large format materials require an emphasis in skilled craftsmanship and cutting-edge processing equipment. Trust in our expertise to provide you with the finest results in large format digitization.

With our team of seasoned professionals, along with our state-of-the-art flatbed scanner, you can expect the best results for your next project. Recognized internationally for our work, you will not find a company that provides both quality and affordability like Warren Associates.

Scanning Specs

Operating the swift and reliable SupraScan II, our digitization technicians deliver a clean and crisp image. The scanner provides high productivity, image quality, versatility, and preservation. We provide an optimal range of scanning from 18x33 at 400 dpi and 24x33 at 300 dpi. And no need to worry about fragile documentation. With our scanners your documents will receive the care and gentle handling they deserve. The scanning plate, glass pressure, book cradle, and light technology are fashioned to minimalize contact with your documents, ensuring the safe and flawless scanning of your fragile documents.

Established Competence

Warren Associates has successfully provided quality work for years. Some of our most notable work within recent years includes digitizing blueprints for companies looking to streamline a paperless workflow, preserving artwork for museums, creating digital archives of aging newspapers for intellectual institutions, and so much more!

Digitizing Objects

Not only does Warren Associates digitize large-scale flat documents, but we take on the difficult task of digitizing objects like coins, medallions, and more! Just bring your concept to our top-notch team and we will recreate it through our digitization process so it can be appreciated for generations to come. 

Creative Expertise

There is no project too large for our Large Format Digitization Team. We encourage our clients to bring their big ideas to us where we will expertly bring them to life!

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