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Just like a scene from the movie National Treasure, even just one preserved slide can reveal a treasure and bring history to life. Imagine the colorful history of 25,000 slides! Digitizing tens of thousands of slides for the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an honor that will have a special place in our history at Innovative Bytes.

Photo treasures of the past can now be preserved digitally for all future generations. When Innovative Bytes was approached by a gentleman wishing to digitize panoramic negatives of Butler, we didn't hesitate for a minute to apply modern technology and know-how to over-sized 35" long negatives.

Working with one of our World War II veterans for a book preservation has been very rewarding for all involved. "A New Chapter in Air Power" chronicles the 315th Bomb Wing, which flew B-29s in the Pacific. The significance of their contributions will be available for all to appreciate.

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